Alto’s Adventure Adds Haptic Feedback. Mobile game developer and creator of popular Alto’s Adventure, Snowman:

Thanks to the expanded Taptic Engine, we’ve been able to pinpoint exciting moments in a run and tie them to more precise vibrational feedback. Now, you’ll feel a nice jolt of satisfaction upon collecting a wayward llama or sliding over an ice boost. The golden burst of a super coin or powdery landing of a huge combo will hopefully be a little more thrilling.

I’ve played a few rounds, and Haptic Feedback does make the game feel slightly more engaging. If anything, getting physical feedback for onscreen events brings iPhone closer to the experience of console controllers, which have used vibrational feedback for years.

Having experienced Haptic Feedback for a couple of weeks now, I’m fairly confident this type of subtle physical feedback will fall under the category of iPhone features — along with buttery-smooth scrolling and keyboard performance — that you won’t always remember exist, but will certainly notice when using devices without them.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

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