Campo Santo Teams Up With Good Universe to Create ‘Firewatch’ Film. Details are sparse, but here’s Rebecca Ford for The Hollywood Reporter:

Good Universe is teaming with independent video game developer and publishing company Campo Santo to develop content for both video games and feature films. The companies will create a home for talent to develop projects that can bridge both the video game and feature film worlds. Their first project with be a film adaptation of Campo Santo’s first video game, Firewatch.

Browsing through Good Universe’s past work, there’s very little that carries the tone and cinematography I imagine a Firewatch film would have, but who’s to say. I doubt many saw a Panic-backed video game either.

An interesting bit buried in Ms. Ford’s piece is that Firewatch “has sold almost 1 million copies to date.” The last sales estimate I could find was from Panic’s Cabel Sasser back in March, where he pegged the number at “around 500,000”.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016