For $15, Firewatch for PC Will Develop and Ship Your In-Game Photos. John Walker, writing for Rock Paper Shotgun:

At a certain point you find a disposable cardboard camera with most of its film still available, and are encouraged by Delilah to take some snaps of anything you find interesting. And it’s worth doing so, because as well as a nice little surprise toward the end, once you’ve filled your film a menu option becomes available to have them processed and delivered to your real-world house as glossy photographs.

Over at Polygon, Ben Kuchera has how this feature came to be:

“This was a good moment in the Panic/Campo relationship,” Panic’s Cabel Sasser told Polygon. […] “Steven, the other co-founder here at Panic, offhandedly says ‘Man, what if you could print out your disposable camera photos somehow”, and, well, here we are. When there’s an idea that immediately excites us both — like the idea behind Firewatch in the first place — it’s hard to stop us from doing it.”

Only available for Windows, Mac, and Linux to start, but Sasser says they are “investigating what it would take to make this happen on the PlayStation 4.” Such a unique and fantastic feature.

Also, I think it says something about Panic’s and Campo Santo’s pride in the visuals of Firewatch that they not only encourage in-game photography, but also went and built a way for you to print your photos out.

Monday, 8 February 2016

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