The Guardian’s Review of Firewatch: 4/5. Notes on spoilers: Although my comments and pull-quotes below are spolier-free, the Guardian’s review reveals a number of plot details for Firewatch. If you want to go into the game completely fresh, save the full piece for later this week.

The Guardian’s Nathan Ditum, in his review of Firewatch:

The writing is not just believable, it is likeable and funny. Henry and Delilah’s exchanges are full of the familiar tug and tarry of people getting to know each other, of playing and of flirting, and of reaching out to feel less alone. Henry’s sadsack dryness – by turns curt, dopey and earnest – isn’t just endearing, it’s endearingly realistic. His words sound like something we might say, which makes the dialogue choices the game offers all the more effective. It’s a matter of investment, even if we’re not deciding anything crucial, we buy it. We’re in.

Monday, 8 February 2016

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