Letterpress Now Owned by Solebon LLC. In non-Firewatch related news, it appears that Letterpress, a critically-acclaimed iOS word game from Loren Brichter’s Atebits, is now under the ownership of Solebon LLC.

Letterpress, which got updated to version 1.6 today, now lists Solebon LLC as the seller, and the official Letterpress website has been updated to reflect this change in ownership:

Letterpress® is now part of the Solebon family!

The Solebon team will be working on many fronts over the next few months to evolve Letterpress. Players should expect periodic updates delivering performance improvements and innovative new features supported by the responsive team at Solebon.

Solebon has acquired all of the Letterpress intellectual property including the registered trademark issued in 2013. Any party using the Letterpress brand in an unauthorized manner, including the various cheat services, should cease and desist immediately. Such services illegally encroach on the Letterpress brand and damage the quality of service for our players.

Letterpress sits near the top of my list of favorite games for iOS. The gameplay is incredibly fun, and its flat-with-shadows design foreshadowed many of the aesthetics we see today in iOS and Google’s Material Design. I’ve reached out to both Atebits and Solebon for comment, and I’ll post an update if I hear back from either company.

Monday, 8 February 2016

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