NYT Now Is No More. Sydney Ember, reporting for the New York Times, on the shuttering of NYT Now:

But the app never quite took off as The Times had hoped, and last year, it transitioned from subscription to free in the hopes that the new model might give The Times more of an opportunity to expand its audience. [..]

At its peak, in May 2015, NYT Now had 334,000 total unique users. The app averaged 257,000 unique users in the last three months.

NYT Now did a lot of things right, but making money was not one of them.

Aside: Because NYT Now was free and supplied plenty of articles, my wife and I had decided to cancel our New York Times digital subscription. However, in order to cancel, I had to call the Times and request a cancelation. As I was finishing up with the woman who was handling my call, she asked if I had a reason for canceling my subscription. When I told her that I got most of what I needed from the NYT Now app, I swear I heard a sigh from her end of the line.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

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