Amazon Launches Twitch Prime. Alice O’Connor, reporting for Rock Paper Shotgun:

Twitch Prime is an expansion of, and eventual replacement for, Twitch’s Turbo scheme. Twitch Prime includes Turbo benefits like storing broadcasts for 60 days, exclusive emotes, and removing ads, then throws in extras. Twitch Prime members will get a new freebie every month, like free games or cosmetic guff for free-to-play games. They also get a free month’s subscription to one channel every month (which means access to things like subs-only streams) and the channel still gets paid for it, which is nice.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, Twitch Prime membership is included at no extra cost. However, unlike the now-defunct Twitch Turbo, Twitch Prime is not being offered as a standalone upgrade; if you want Twitch Prime, you buy Amazon Prime. This differs from what Amazon has done with Audible, their audiobook arm, where an Audible subscription remains independent from any existing Amazon Prime membership.1

If you already have Amazon Prime, play video games, but have little interest in Twitch, there’s one other reason you might consider signing up. Users who link their Twitch and Amazon accounts will receive discounts on new-release games sold through Amazon, for up to two weeks after launch. By preserving prelaunch discounts for two weeks, I hope more people avoid preordering and wait for the reviews to hit.

  1. Audible Channels, however, which normally cost $60/year, are included for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. I know, it’s confusing. [return]

Monday, 3 October 2016

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