Pour One Out for Vesper. Speaking of apps that are going away, next up is Vesper, an iOS note taking app from Q Branch. Reading through the release notes, it seems Q Branch itself — comprised of well-known writer John Gruber, developer Brent Simmons, and designer Dave Wiskus — will also be shutting down within the next month.

I stopped using Vesper about a year ago, but it was a well-designed little app. I really dug the typography, and it’s syncing engine was fast and superbly thought out. Somewhat bizarrely, Vesper’s launch even got a decent amount of coverage from Microsoft, since the syncing engine was built on Azure’s cloud service.

Vesper’s development came to a halt after Mr. Simmons departed for the Omni Group. Mr. Simmons was never replaced, and future releases, including planned Vesper for Mac, were assumedly shelved. So it goes.

Update: Per Mr. Gruber, there should be a full post mortem tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

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