Fake iTunes Password Dialogs Look Exactly Like the Real Thing. Everyone’s seen the “Sign In to iTunes Store” dialog, where we’re asked to enter our passwords to confirm purchases or view certain iCloud settings. The problem, as pointed out by Felix Krause, is that the system dialog UI is available to all app developers, meaning a malicious app could present a fake password prompt. Considering how conditioned we are to quickly fill out and submit these dialogs, this particular phishing attack is potent.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to visually distinguish an official dialog from a phishing dialog, as the two look identical. However, Mr. Krause points out that by hitting the home button, a phishing dialog will close along with its app, but a system dialog will remain visible until canceled. Meanwhile, our best protection—for the masses, at least—is Apple’s App Store review team denying or pulling apps that try this crap.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

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