TypeShift, a New Word-Based Puzzle Game by Zach Gage, Launches March 18th. Zach Gage has an uncanny ability to design games that strike a near-perfect blend of challenge and fun. In my opinion, Mr. Gage is responsible for some of the best iOS games ever made, and his latest entry — TypeShift — looks ready to continue that reputation.

Announced on Twitter and accompanied by a short trailer, TypeShift appears to be an anagram-like word puzzle, where the player must rearrange multiple columns of letters to form words across the center row. The first few puzzles look simple, but as the number of columns and letters grow, it becomes clear how difficult later levels might be. As with all Mr. Gage’s games, the subtle sound effects and animation timings are unreasonably pleasing.

TypeShift doesn’t launch until next Saturday, which gives you plenty of time to check out Mr. Gage’s other titles: Really Bad Chess, a chess game with random pieces; Ridiculous Fishing, a surprisingly deep arcade-style game about fishing; and SpellTower, simply one of the best word games available.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

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