Obama’s Final Year in Photographs. Pete Souza, Chief White House Photographer, presents his eighth and final collection of photographs from this year at the White House. Mr. Souza:

As always, the editing for this project is both subjective and personal. Yes, there are some historic moments included but mostly I was looking for behind-the-scenes moments that give people a more personal look at the President and First Lady. And I’ve included a few that I thought were just cool photos.

Interesting to see how often President Obama’s Fitbit Surge makes it into the shot. 17 out of 73 by my count. I couldn’t find any solid sources on what modifications (or limitations) this particular Surge might have, but it’d be interesting to see a.) what changes were made and by whom, and b.) if or where the health data is stored.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

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