Edit. Just over a year ago, I started working on a small iOS app for writers. I was tired of not having a focused, single-purpose place for drafting and editing important messages, emails, and text. I hated doing those things in Messages or Mail, and I avoided Notes because what I was writing didn’t need to be stored anywhere. All I wanted was a tasteful place to write.

Well, I’ve finished, and next week I’m excited to ship Edit for iOS.

Edit has several neat features (dark mode, pinch-to-zoom text size, word and character count), but I think the most interesting one is that Edit doesn’t store multiple notes. You get one page, and whatever you leave there will be there when you come back. Because of this, I’ve found that Edit complements many of the other great writing and note taking apps out there instead of competing with them. You can quickly drop a thought in Edit, let it sit, come back later, punch it up, and then export what you’ve written to anywhere in iOS. Over the past year, I’ve used Edit to jot down journal entries, tweak tweets, or as a place of reference for important information I need throughout the day. I use it almost every single day, and I’m really happy with how this single page scratchpad fits into my life.

Edit is available as a pre-order on the App Store for $1.99, and it also comes with a 10-year good faith guarantee, which basically means I’ll work hard to keep Edit available for your next decade of iOS devices. Cool, no?

(Typography fun: I’m using the system standard San Francisco, but I’ve enabled a few alternative characters and numbers to give Edit a familiar but unique feel.)

Check out Edit on the App Store or enjoy the micro-marketing page I put together. I hope you like Edit as much as I enjoyed making it.

Happy writing.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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