‘This Is the Kind of App That Just About Anyone Could Benefit From Using’. Michael Rockwell, Initial Charge, in his review of Edit:

Overall, I think K.Q. Dreger made all the right decisions with Edit’s initial offering. Utilizing the share sheet and the select-all shortcut to eliminate the need for storing multiple documents is such a brilliant idea. I still think its a few small features away from becoming an absolute must-have. But despite that, Edit has become an important part of my writing workflow because it’s core set of features are rock-solid and the application is such a delight to use.

Overall, this is the sentiment I’ve been seeing. It’s humbling how much Edit is resonating with people. A few weeks ago, it was just my little app.

Mr. Rockwell has a few points of criticism that — as the sole developer and designer — I really enjoyed reading. One of his main call-outs is the lack of iCloud syncing, or the inability to start a note on your iPhone and finish writing on your iPad.

I get the draw, really. I don’t have an iPad, so this particular pain was probably lost on me as I fiddled with the Xcode simulators, but enough people have asked about it that I am actively working on figuring out a solution. Ideally, I can use your iCloud accounts to sync the current sheet back and forth, but I have speed concerns that I haven’t been able to test yet. I’ve long thought that a syncing service should be fast enough that all changes are committed and sent to the server by the time a user can close the app or shut their laptop lid/smart cover. If CloudKit isn’t able to provide that sort of performance, I might need to look at a few other options. Whatever I end up doing though, it’ll be totally seamless for the users; you’ll turn it on, and it’ll just work.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

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