WikiTribune Lays Off Editorial Staffers, Shifts Focus to Community Contributors. Nick Statt, The Verge:

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ digital media company, the WikiTribune, is shifting its focus away from traditional news-gathering and moving to a “community oriented” strategy that prioritizes working with contributors. 

In the process, the company has laid off its 12 original editorial staffers, reports The Drum, following the April departure of CNN and Reuters journalist Peter Bale, who initially assembled the team. The WikiTribune began in August of last year, and Wales and his co-founder Orit Kopel posted a note to the site earlier this week first mentioning the “major personnel changes” and the reframing of its focus on the community.

The original idea was to have professional journalists working side-by-side with the community to create an ‘evidence-based’ news site. Without the editorial staff, how is WikiTribune any different from Wikipedia’s portal for current events or Wikinews?

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

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