‘Typography 2020: A Special Listicle for America’. Typographer, writer, and lawyer Matthew Butterick:

For those who think it trivializes our political process to judge candidates by their typography—what would you prefer we scrutinize? Qualifications? Ground into dust during the last election. Issues? Be my guest. Whether a candidate will ever fulfill a certain campaign promise about a certain issue is conjectural.

But typography—that’s a real decision candidates have to make today, with real money and real consequences. And if I can’t trust you to pick some reasonable fonts and colors, then why should I trust you with the nuclear codes?

Website design, color selections, type kerning—Mr. Butterick hits them all. But my favorite bit is his “a slice of bacon using a playground slide in an unsafe way” description of Andrew Yang’s logo. 100% spot on.

Friday, 19 April 2019

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