Archive your old projects. “hypertexthero” on Hacker News:

While working, occasionally take photos or screenshots of what you are doing showing your workspace, the computer desktop, the desk with pencils and papers and cables everywhere, the wall or piece of string with notes. Show the messy process of creating something.

This is good advice. Even though most modern apps have version history, pictures are a better medium for browsing through the past. I also like the idea of occasionally capturing a photo of my physical desk spaceā€”I tend to change things up with some frequency.

For design nerds, a wonderful side effect of taking screenshots of work in progress is that you’re also likely capturing the OS, browser, and app design language of the moment. You think you remember MacOS pre-San Francisco, but take one look at OS X Yosemite’s interface and you’ll realize how fickle memory truly is.

Monday, 13 November 2023

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