Hello. I’m KQD. (“Kyle” is fine.) This is my site for collecting notes and links on people, products, and punctuation. By day I help make software products, by night I do this.

Published from Northeast Ohio. Thanks for reading.


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I aim to write so you don’t need to skim. There’s an in-house style guide that you’re welcome to read and remix.

Written on an old MacBook Air (with the good keyboard) or iPhone 11 Pro (the sensibly-sized one).

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A note on design & type

Logotype set in JetBrains Mono. Little lightning bolt guy hand drawn. (It wasn’t hard.) Headline and body text set in Valkyrie by Matthew Butterick. Yes, I paid for it. There are many wonderful not-free fonts out there.

Now, for a comment on typography throughout this site: Look, I care deeply about design and typography. I’ve spent HUNDREDS of iterations on this site just focusing on tweaking the typefaces, spacing, etc. But that’s all come at the cost of, you know, actually writing. So, I’m leaving this site intentionally unstyled. Please do not take this to mean I can’t actually get into the nitty gritty of OpenType font features (or that I haven’t). It’s just that I want to spend more time writing, less time tweaking. UPDATE: That didn’t last long.

I like tinkering with typefaces! So, for future reference, in the past, you might have seen the following (excellent) typefaces: Big Shoulders by Patric King; Public Sans by USWDS; Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic; Inter by Rasmus Andersson; IBM Plex by Mike Abbink and Bold Monday; Whitney, Decimal, and Gotham by Hoefler & Co.; Source Serif Pro by Adobe; Concourse and Valkyrie by Matthew Butterick; Athelas by Veronika Burian and Jose Scaglione; San Francisco by Apple; JetBrains Mono by JetBrains, Philipp Nurullin, and Konstantin Bulenkov; Charter, Verdana, and Georgia by Matthew Carter.