Audacious is written, edited, and produced by K.Q. Dreger.

This site is run out of my own pocket and in my spare time. What it lacks in regularity is hopefully made up for in quality.

I aim to write so you don’t need to skim. Rigorous editing is a cornerstone of this website, and I keep an in-house style guide, which you’re welcome to read and remix.

Published from Northeast Ohio. Thanks for reading. ✌️

(Also, “Kyle” is fine—I just sign my name KQ. My favorite authors all went by first-initial-middle-initial-last-name, and I really like that style.)

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Other writers worth reading

I read pretty much everything these folks put out. I update this list every couple of months, so check back from time to time. (Updated Dec. 2019)

I’m always looking for interesting new writers. Send me a note if someone should be on this list.