Notes on products, people, and punctuation.

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Audacious is written, edited, and produced by K.Q. Dreger. This site is run out of my own pocket and in my spare time. What it lacks in regularity is hopefully made up for in quality. I aim to write so you don’t need to skim. Rigorous editing is a cornerstone of this website, and I keep an in-house style guide, which you’re welcome to read and remix. Published from Northeast Ohio.

Style Guide

Working title: Web Elements of Style This document is both an in-progress draft of some short, practical opinions on what makes good written web markup and a personalized list of editorial decisions that are a superset of those found in the New York Times Manual of Style. The goal here is to bring a consistent voice to all the writing on this site. Please feel free to remix or copy the contents here for your own personal use.

Terms & Privacy

Short and sweet: You use this website and everything hosted here at your own risk. Anything you download to your computer is also done so at your own risk. All linked to websites are thoroughly vetted; however, if you visit anything not hosted at, the liability changes to adhere to those listed in the privacy policy and terms of that website. Ads I do not run any third-party advertisements.